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    Uncover the Hidden Stories of Newtowne:
    A Journey through Cambridge's Rich History!

    Explore the fascinating story of one town and how it reflects the history of our nation. The Streets Of Newtowne is a must-read for anyone interested in local and national history.


    Discover the untold history of a town that shaped a nation.

    The Streets Of Newtowne is more than just a book about one town. It's a journey through time, exploring the events and individuals that shaped not only the community of Newtowne, but also the course of our nation's history. Join us on this captivating exploration of America's past.

    Praise for The Streets of Newtowne

    -William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Cape Cod and Harvard Yard. “Travel the dirt pathways, the rough cobblestones, and the smooth paved streets of Cambridge in this fascinating trip through time, an amazingly comprehensive little volume, richly illustrated and warmly written about one of America’s coolest, smartest, and most interesting towns. It is written for young readers, but no matter how old you are, you’ll be surprised on every page.”

    -Charles Sullivan, Executive Director, Cambridge Historical Commission, co-author: Building Old Cambridge. “Harvard Square occupies a site originally intended to be the capital of Massachusetts Bay Colony that has been the location of Harvard College since 1636. Harvard professor and community leader Suzanne Preston Blier has written a vivid and refreshingly original book that brings to life the complex history of this unique community.

    -Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard University Professor; Host of PBS Series. Finding Your Roots. “In The Streets of Newtowne,” Blier wonderfully retells the story of North America’s first planned city, Cambridge, MA. The book highlights the contributions to the city’s rich history made by its Indigenous, African, and more recent immigrant communities, as well as the enormous contributions made by its female residents. A model retelling of American history by focusing on the fascinating evolution of one of America’s most vibrant, historically significant, and rightly celebrated cities.”

    “Colorful Streets of Newtowne provides history for the young with voices that other texts leave out.  With Blier’s  critical outlook on history, lovely illustrations, and key thinking questions sprinkled in"

    Cambridge Day

    Discover the roots of our country's history.

    Journey through the streets of Cambridge, MA and uncover the rich history that helped shape our country. From the early settlers to present day, Streets of Newtowne offers a captivating tale of one town and its significance in American history. Don't miss out on this compelling story that connects us all.


    Uncover the Untold History of America's First Planned City.

    Newtowne holds a rich history that has been untold for far too long. Discover the story of North America’s first planned city through 'The Streets of Newtowne.' This book not only tells the tale of one town but also highlights the broader history of our country. Get your copy today and delve into the fascinating past of this historic city.

    Discover the captivating story of Newtowne through the eyes of a local author.

    As a resident of Newtowne, the author intimately knows and understands the rich history and culture of this unique community. With Streets of Newtowne, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for not only this town's history but also the broader history of our country. Immerse yourself in a captivating story that's been expertly crafted by a local author.


    Discover the untold history of Newtowne and gain a deeper understanding of our country's past.